Monday, 28 July 2014

Its been a while

I probably have about five posts with a similar name as I seem to be either fully 'on' or the complete opposite with my crafting/ blogging/ tweeting in recent years. My most recent excuse is pregnancy...again!

The happy news is that all being well, we are expecting baby Thiselton #2 at the end of December (stellar timing eh!). The not so happy news is that I've been feeling sick as a dog (where does that expression come from? I've never even seen a dog being sick!?!) and therefore totally un-inclined to craft, write or even read about crafting. I have unopened copies of Molly Makes sitting on my desk still in their cellophane :-o

Its also been a bit of a concious choice to stay away from both craft and keyboard for a while as last time I was pregnant, I made a few things/wrote a few posts and even now, feel nauseous when I look at them: a weird pavlovian response that I didn't want to re-create this time.

All that being said, I'm actually starting to feel more human (hurrah!). This morning I was awake from 5am and couldn't stop thinking about new crowns to make and whether I should be planning for a Christmas stall. So I guess I'm somewhat back for a while...fingers crossed!

In the meantime I have had the odd order or two through the shop. One of which was to create some coordinated felt bunting for a dinosaur duvet cover for a little boys room. This was what I made...

and this was the inspiration...

I was rather pleased with the result. By all accounts he was too! :-)

Joining in with Handmade Monday - yay!


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