Saturday, 20 September 2014


For some reason rather than hunkering down, resting, nesting and winding down on the possible craft business front ready for baby #2, I seem to have done the complete opposite: 
  • I have applied and been selected for a local show (hurrah!)
  • I finally got insurances sorted out
  • I have looked into CE testing (and yes I have to do it - boo - but am ready to start getting that sorted)
  • I have taken some promotional photos of children actually using my products for marketing (post on that soon)
  • And have finally ( after many months of ummming, ahhhhing and online stalking following several logo designers) have finally commissioned a fellow Etsy seller to design my branding!
Phew! I'm exhausted from even looking at that list! Added to which I managed to wangle 5 half days this month of child care for Owen that I could devote ENTIRELY to Thisel & Bean business. SUCH a luxury! I have loved every second of the time spent planning and making (mainly factory line style making for Christmas), making and planning. I have such a sense of achievement about it all at the moment but still have a way to go...

My master plan (if you could call it anything so grand), is to have myself in a position that from a legal and marketing point of view I am ready to ramp up my selling. I'm aiming to have everything in place for my first proper big fair on November 8th (more about that soon), where I'll also be promoting my Christmas wares properly for the first time. Then as my maternity leave kicks in and we (hopefully) adjust splendidly to life with to live with 2 children, that if I have the opportunity, I can use the base I have already built to start making and selling more!

How lovely it would be to get to the end of my maternity leave knowing that I could maybe pay for myself to work one day a week or something on Thisel & Bean!

Chances are admittedly slim, but a girl can dream! Wish me luck!


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