Sunday, 11 May 2014

Twitter and a #springclean challenge

I've only very recently 'got' Twitter. I'd tried using it a few times in the past, but could never find anyone to follow that I really wanted to hear much from...

That changed a few months ago when I suddenly discovered how many British crafters and crafty bloggers there were  on Twitter! What a revelation! I am now following loads of people that I really enjoy hearing from, have tuned into new blogs and conversation hours that I had no idea existed and have been part of two craft swaps!

The first swap was hosted by Emma Berry (@frugallypeachy) as part of #craftblogclub. It was their #springcleancraftswap challenge. The aim (in Emma's words) 'Create and send a gift to a fellow #CraftBlogClub-ee, using only what you have lying around at home.  I don’t know about you, I’ve had a real urge to have a good clear out recently, so I thought we could all channel our creativity and send a big load of ‘Happy Mail’ too!'.

My #craftblogclub-ee was Andrea (@forestflower23). It was such a treat to know that someone was making something for you...and then I received this 'happy mail' in the post.

This is what I found inside... Aren't they cute! Perfect for me right now. I'm going through a ton of tea! :-) 

They have been well used already!

This is what I sent her in return...

It started out life as a piece of appliqué 3 years ago that had been tucked in with my stash waiting for some inspiration. I noticed on Andreas blog that she was creating her own wall decorations from colourful materials and embroidery hoops and instantly, I knew what I'd make for her. I enjoyed doing it so much that might make one for myself now! I loved choosing the buttons. That green one has to be one of my favourites! So nice to have them on show.

Second craft swap is still in progress so news on that one later.


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