Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Post dated post - Feeling the love

Today is another 'proper' work day and I have a mountain of work ahead. But whilst waiting for my pre-work morning brew to...well...brew, I started clearing my blog's 'drafts' box and came across this post. It lifted my spirits and has decided where I sit today for me!

A few weeks ago...

Today is a 'proper' work day, and I've worked bloomin' hard despite having my fourth migraine in about 3 weeks and a perforated ear drum (thanks to a work flight yesterday - doh!). 

Anyway I have to admit to not always feeling my most inspired/motivated on my proper normal work days. I more often then not sit at the 'proper' work desk and look at a very bland wall whilst surrounded by mounds of paperwork. I often feel like I could/should be trying to build some kind of crafting empire instead which I would love Love LOVE but day dreams get shelved with my morning coffee mug and off I plod.

However today Mr T was working at home too, so I was relegated to the laptop and my crafting desk...and I found the love. My desk is surrounded by stuff I love, I have a lovely soft light in the corner and it has felt all snuggly. Definitely feeling the love. :-)

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