Monday, 7 April 2014

Feeling full of spring

Its been a funny weirdly up and down week: feeling much less tired then last week and so far migraine free (yay!), a trip to A&E with Owen (boo!), considering applications to craft fairs (yay!), overtime in the day job (boo!) and my first 'real' sale on Etsy (the first person to buy from me without knowing me from Adam anyway!) (EXTRA yays, woops and other happy noises!!!).  

Amazingly quite a lot of crafting took place too. My main show and tell for this week is the floral crown I was working on last week. 

I wanted to use some of the gorgeous Pantone colours (see below) that are out there at the moment and I quite like it. Its a bit different from some of the others I've made so far.

 (Image from here)

I used the closest felt colours I could get to Placid Blue, Radiant Orchid and Freesia.  It was tricky doing the colour matching and even trickier to get the colours to come through in the photograph. Taking on some internet advice I threw together a couple of Amazon boxes and some white card and have created a rather unwieldy item that currently masquerades as my 'light box'. What do you reckon?

It actually seems to have helped with the pictures I've taken so far, but now my challenge is to choose a consistent time of day and position in the house to take the photos and stick to it! I need to see if I can get some consistent results which represent the 'true' colours of what I'm photographing.

Anyway the crown is now nestled comfortably in my Etsy shop here. I'm not entirely happy with the title I've given it though: I started out thinking of it as a spring crown (and that's how its named), but the colours say 'summer' to me much more than spring. may change yet!

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  1. I love your crown, the flowers really stand out.

  2. Your crown is super and the picture looks very professional x


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