Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A busy but crafty week

Its been an eventful week or so at Thisel & Bean. My first sale to a completely unknown person was swiftly followed by a custom order by someone else...who then also bought a second custom crown! It was all very exciting. 

These were the two creations...

The first crown I made was for a little girl having her 1st birthday. The lady requested lavender with butterflies. Here's the first sketch and the colour options. 

I wanted the butterflies to look like they'd landed on the crown for a moment so only attached them in the centre.

The second crown was for a little boy who was also celebrating his first birthday. I was told that his favourite things were giraffes and balls, so this was the first sketch and colours.

I think my sketches are a bit on the basic side, but they seemed to give the right idea. I have to say I really enjoyed the process of discussing the options with the customer and then creating something that felt quite special.

I'm looking forward to making more!


  1. I really love both of these crowns! Such great colours and really gorgeous detail.

    1. Thank you! I was pretty pleased with them. :-)

    2. These are super and so much better than boring old Paper Hats !

  2. Congratulations on your order. The crowns look lovely. I'm sure lots more orders will follow.

  3. They are gorgeous, I was so excited when I had my first random person sale, I'm sure lots of people will soon want their own custom creations.


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