Sunday, 20 February 2011

Toys for Boys

Sadly I haven’t managed to get anywhere with my patchworking this weekend as present making has taken centre stage.

My other half will be celebrating his birthday on Wednesday, so I’ve been faced with a familiar conundrum...

...What the hell do you make for boys???

Whilst this might seem incredibly late in the day to be planning my husbands birthday present, I have already bought him his ‘main’/ shop bought present, but I didn’t want the occasion to slip by without crafting at least a small something for him.

Now I don’t know about you, but I find crafting for boys (whether  young ones or older ones) a bit tough: they aren’t ever really going to want or need a clutch purse, or appreciate a nice broach, or be particularly grateful for something made out of a pretty materials, buttons or lace.

So I have so far been limited to making/giving scarves, back soothers (the warm in the microwave rice/ wheat back kind for when you have a sore back kind) biscuits/ other food stuffs. The last thing I made Mr T was a coffee cup huggie made from an old surf t-shirt.

Then inspiration hit me – he’s very orientated. So without giving too much away, I thought I'd try for something a bit computery, a bit geeky, but ultimatately kind of cool.  If you want a clue I was inspired by this fab little etsy store called craftsquatch. Here’s the start of the project ...

Results on Wednesday!

In the mean time, what do you make for the men folk in your life?

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