Saturday, 19 February 2011

Dreaming of summer

So I’ve been kind of busy today and have made quite a few starts on quite a few things.

Like the dress for the little girl I mentioned a couple of posts ago. Even though it doesn’t feel anything like spring yet (sadly) and summer seems a long way away, I feel like I’ve gotten past that point in the year where I can give woolly things as gifts so I’m forward planning with a summer dress for her.

I found the material I want to use today.

Aptly it’s a ‘Flower Fairy’ design. Love it! I'm going to make something kind of like this if I can:

I also made a start on a few summery type coffee mug huggies...

And attempted a knitted version.

I used a moss stitch (currently my favourite stitch) but it is FAR too big! I guess I’ll have to keep it for the larger mugs I own!

I also started a couple of birthdays presents, but more on that another day.

And as a complete aside I went over to Lewisham market today. Its always a great value for money for fruit and veg, and I came home with a complete bargain. I got a whole box of huge mangoes, most of them not even ripe yet for £1.50!!!! Insane! Anyway heres what our kitchen table looked like by the time I got back (minus the fab box of mangoes).

A whole heap of spring that is! Makes me think of salads, Vietnamese soup, maybe Chinese soup, maybe some kind of bruschetta ….mmmmmmmm!

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