Monday, 21 February 2011

Sunniness where I can get it (ed. yes that is now a word!)

I am soooooooo over the winter! After being mild for the past few weeks (which stupidly gave me a flicker of hope that spring was around the corner) its gone UBER cold again today. Brrrrrr! I don’t think I had realised how grey it had been recently until the sun came out last week, which picked up my mood no end.

Anyway enough of my griping...

Instead of waiting for sunny weather I have been getting my sunny thrills from my crafts. Like this birthday present for my friend Jenny.

She’s finishing off at college at the moment so I thought I’d give her something that would make her final term a bit more pleasurable. Thank you to Pascale on Between the Lines for the cloth covered books tutorial. Awesome idea!

I’ll be giving her an accompanying coffee cup huggie. One of these three.

What are you  doing to keep the grey clouds away?

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