Friday, 29 July 2011

Very Belated Thanks

About a month or so ago (possibly longer) I was the lucky recipient of a fab giveaway. I am deeply ashamed to say that in my blogging funk I didn’t blog about (sorry sue!).

So, very belatedly, but with the same amount of excitement as when I first recieved it,  here's what I won... this awesome selvedge cuff made by Sue at Laniappe!


Cute isnt it! My favourite side is the one shown below with all the pinks. You can even read ‘yummy cupcakes’ on one bit. I bet that print rocked!

Plus it came wrapped with a little note on some very cute button writing paper!

If you are inspired by the cuff (and why wouldnt you be), take a look at the entire chair that Sue covered in selvedge. Its awesome!

Anyway thanks again Sue. I love it!


  1. Such a sweet thanks! Understand totally about blogging, I owe some thanks too for a brooch swap. Need to do that this weekend!

  2. I LOVE your cuff! Don't you just feel amazing when you win a giveaway? I have seen Sue's chair - it's awesome. :)


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