Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Catching Up with my Creative Space

After my rather extended hiatus, I have decided to throw myself back in the deep end with a new craft. Stamp carving…of sorts.

I have been needing a name stamp for labels and things for a while, but haven’t found one I have been happy with. So when I stumbled upon a fab little craft shop in Winchester at the weekend, I decided to get all the bits I needed to make my own.

This linoleum stuff is newer and softer than the stuff you used to be able to get (apparently) and it cuts like butter.

I tried a couple of different approaches. The first was this one.

I used some letter stamps I had to create the outline of the text but it was very fiddly and ended up looking much more like an Asian print than I had anticipated. The ‘S’ is a bit wonky unfortunately. But its kind of okay.

The second one I did in about a minute.

I was just trying out one of the fatter blades and in truth I didn’t think it was going to any good, and it is a bit wobbly, but actually I think it might be my favourite! What do you reckon?

In a bid to get back into the swing of things I'm joining back in with Our Creative Spaces. Have a look, its always well worth a visit!


  1. I actually really like the the first one - it's got a little more magic about it, but they're both beautiful! :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. hello! i've just linked my stuff up to creative spaces and have been stamp making too!! did you use a roller and ink for yours or an inkpad?

  3. They both look lovely - can't believe you did the second one so quickly - it would have taken me ages to cut the letters out. I do like the first one.

  4. Both look impressive, but if I had to choose - the first one is my fav. Tried a bit of lino carving -it certainly is harder than it looks!

  5. The second one is my fav too! Good job on the carving!

  6. Awesome, I love the effect that the stamp produces. That second one is just perfect in my opinion.
    Ronnie xo

  7. The love for the first one has hleped me like it a little more too. I kind of want to see if I can get that blurry edged effect that I got on it too. I quite like it! Sian I used an ink pad for mine although if i'm honest a roller probably would have been infinately easier. The ink pad doenst produce and even result.

  8. I think I vote for the second one... but after looking at them both - I just can't quite decide!


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