Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My Creative Space – Completed work!!!

In my creative space this week, I have actually been creative! Woo Hoo!!!!!!

It comes as a very welcome relief after quite a long break between me and my sewing machine to actually of had time to finally finish several of the projects I’ve been working on for what has felt like an eternity!

First up, do you remember I bought some linens to use for a new bag (I put my ‘design’ up a few weeks ago)?

Well, I started work on the linen bag. As it turned out it wasn’t sturdy enough (even with a sturdy interfacing) for the messenger bag I wanted to sport this summer, so I started again. This time I used some denim and some left over scraps of a very cute flower fairy cotton print. Heres the result...

As you can see, I put the detail which I had planned to hide under the front cover, on top. I also went for stripes rather than panels. So actually, the bag I ended up with is nothing really like my original design, but I LOVE it anyway. Its the perfect size, shape etc etc. I cant wait to use it and get some ‘bag in action’ shots.

Buying the bright linens didnt turn out to be a complete waste of time as I used them to make a bit more of a tote type bag instead. But I’ll pop that up over the weekend.

In other news I am still working on my shrug...

Its definately getting there, but I still have a way to go!

I hope you are all having a similarly crafty week. For more creative spaces you know where to go - Kootoyoo


  1. It is such a sense of accomplishment when you finally get something done. I am sure that there is a very fashionable lady with a great bag on her shoulder around town.

  2. Your bag looks cool! :) Hope you get lots of use out of it - and get to make terrific memories in the process. Shrug is looking good, and I can't wait to see your other bag!

  3. the bag is amazing. the shrug looks great. looking forward to your other bag
    happy cs!

  4. Great bag! I love the stripes! And I just caught a glimpse of that cowgirl fabric on your previous post - very cool!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  5. Your bag looks great, I love the stripes. The shrug looks beautifully soft.

  6. excellent bag... i love the way it evolved out of the original idea!

    Love your blog too - just landed here from a browse over at Kootoyoo!

  7. Glad you all like the bag. I'm at the beach this weekend so bag in action shots will be the order of the day. :-)


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