Thursday, 28 April 2011

Getting into the spirit of things


Whilst the rest of the country (if you believe what the media says) has been going Royal Wedding crazy, I have managed to stay relatively uninterested (apart from wanting a peak at the dress) in the whole thing. Until yesterday...

We were going to go head up into central London to have a look at the preparations, but by mid afternoon had been distracted by Thor (the new film out – its a bit silly, but the lead is very easy on the eye!). So when I got home (minus pictures of festive bunting), I decided to make some of my own...

So I took a few scraps from this...

To this...

I love it! Admittedly I've taken a bit of artistic licence with the Union Jack colours, but I love the crafty look of it.

Whether you are enjoying the wedding on Friday or not, have a good bank holiday!


  1. Looks fab! And great blog you have. Looking forward to the big day :)

  2. Thanks Andrea. Glad you like the blog :-)

  3. I just saw your bunting now, it is lovely! I love the ribbons you used - delicious!

  4. Looks gorgeous. Love the fireplace also.


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