Wednesday, 2 March 2011

My creative space – not so creative this week it would seem!

I’m not doing quite so well this week and have accomplished very little crafting wise. I seem to be falling back into old (and bad) habits: working quite late (I didnt get in until 9pm tonight) and feeling quite stressed out  (its not the best time to be working for the charity sector in the UK at the moment). So my new mantra is ‘work is not my life…work is not my life…work is not my life...’.

The mantra is helping a bit, as is having a lovely hubby to come home to and weirdly, having my own little ‘me’ space here in blogland!

So... in my space this week, all I can really show is this scraps bag I made up at the weekend on the recommendation of some of some friendly commentees from a couple of weeks ago.

I used some of the patchwork I created recently, used felt for the padding/structure  and left over linen and gingham cotton for the covering. Its handles turned out longer than I had planned and the linen is a bit too light, but overall its quite cute and might even make a nice little summer tote bag if I am short of one!

For the original creative space go see Kootoyoo.


  1. Oh i think it's really cute and very clever too!

  2. Love the fabrics you've used in this bag, it's a happy feeling bag, makes you smile when you look at it. Hope work slows down so you can play more.

  3. Man, I know that working late thing too...and needing me space...but that scrappy bag is lush. Love it.

  4. Hence forth it will no longer be the plain old scraps bag, but shall be known as the 'scrappy happy' or 'happy scrappy' bag. :-)

  5. Charity sector is hard any time I think!!! Bag looks great - an incentive to come home on time and make... work will always be there.

  6. The fact that you got a bag sewn when you are short on time for creating things is fantastic! I really like it. Think you might like to post a "how to" on it? I think it's cool :)

  7. Oh that bag is fabulous!! And to find time to create when you're working until 9pm!! Amazing!!
    Hope you had a nice relaxing weekend! I've signed up to follow your lovely blog and look forward to seeing more of your creations!


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