Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Why I craft... and door stops

I tend to craft for a few reasons:

One - because I enjoy it (and why would you do it if you didn’t enjoy it)!?! I have always been quite good at making stuff by hand and I find it quite therapeutic. I guess its my way of getting creative.

Two - because I'm bored. The older I get, the less able I am to just sit around doing nothing - so crafting keeps my hands busy!

Three - Because I need a new top, skirt or other items and am too cheap to go out and buy one! No that’s a total lie! I actually like going and choosing a material that I'm going to make something from, its like sweetie shopping for adults. I always feel quite proud wearing something I have made. If I make something from existing material stocks I also feel very virtuous that I haven’t spent loads of money whilst getting that thrill you get from having a new addition to the wardrobe! 

Four - because I like giving things I have make as presents. Whilst there are something lovely things in the shops and online, and some even lovelier things in London’s markets like my local Greenwich Market, even on Etsy/Folksy, I often browse around and think ‘I could make that!'. Its almost becoming a bit of a mantra. I have some very kind friends and family who up to now have been happy to receive my gifts and I can only get better, so I try. Sometime I fail, sometimes I succeed.

Like this stripey door stop...

I LOVE the look and the weight of it and had planned to give it to someone in my family as a christmas present. I knocked it up one afternoon in less than an hour using my own template. I had just filled and sewn it up when my ever so helpful husband said 'what if the cover gets dirty and they want to wash it?'. Great question - just 30 minutes too late as I had sewn it up with no zip! So success and fail all in one there!

The upside is that this doorstep is now mine and I know how to make the perfect doorstep for the next time I want to try!

Generally speaking I enjoy myself – so its all good  - regardless!


  1. I love the door stop! Plus your family are so spotless it wouldn't get dirty :o) x

  2. Spotless maybe, but I realised after Christmas that it would need to be pet proof too! Eeek! That would need to be one tough doorstop!


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