Monday, 31 January 2011

Winter Re-purposing

I did a bit of skirt hitching up the other day having decided that they were all suddenly too long (!?!) and went back to some old bits and pieces I enjoyed making last namely Mug Huggies and Big Broach Buttons. So the off cuts of my winter skirts have now become:

My coffee mugs new jacket (the cord feels really luxurious and is totally right for the winter)

My coat’s new badge

If I didn’t feel like I was hoarding junk and stuff that really, I just want to give to the charity shop (in terms of old clothes etc) I could quite get into this whole re-purposing thing!


  1. They are beautiful! I totally want one of those brooches, and the mug huggie looks so snuggly!!!

  2. Ah thank you. The mug huggie IS snuggly! So nice to hold - a great hand warmer!


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