Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Wedding Preperation (part two)

In a further bid to keep costs low, because we wanted to something a little bit different and just because I like being crafty (my now husband will attest to that - on two counts), we decided it would be a good idea to do the paper bits and pieces (i.e. invitations, orders of service, menus cards for the tables, place cards) for ourselves. We were inviting about 100-120 people which meant a LOT of paper. To give you a better idea, the average cost of wedding stationary is about £450. We did ours for about £150 all in - bargain!

Having access to a easy (ish) to use design programme I drafted out the wording, colour and fonts as I thought we might like and worked with our friendly local printer to make sure I was able to give him everything in a format he was happy with.

Next we searched for a stamp online. The plan was always to go with a stamp to create a bit more whimsical/vintage feel to the whole thing . This was the one we liked the best.
We then spent a good few hours stamping pretty much everything, the invites, the table planners, the notices, the orders of service etc.

(My sister hard at work for her supper!)
Our invites were sent out tied with navy ribbon and with a couple of sprigs of lavender inside. I kind of felt like Roan Atkinsons character in Love Actually when I was making them all up!
Hard work but we were VERY pleased with the results!

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