Monday, 3 January 2011

Six Months Off Blogging = Wedding Preperation (part one)!!!

So wedding preperations for me didnt start with the usual hunt for the dress etc, it was all about what I could craft. So thats probably a big lie - it was ALL about the venue for the first 3-4 months but once that got sorted, the rest was all about the crafting!

Inspiration came early on for me in that i LOVE lavender, the smell, the look, the colours etc etc. I had it in my head that I might be able to reduce the cost of centre pieces by doing them with dried flowers which wasnt to be in the end, but the dried bits and pieces worked there way into practically everything else.

My first and biggest shop of wedding type materials was at a gorgeous farm out in Kent ( known locally for its lavender festivals and cider. We sampled both - fantastic!

Freshly Cut Lavender on the farm

Let the crafting commence! My 'work space' aka. the living room.

Dried flower hearts for the church pews, to hang off of door handles.

Possible centre pieces

I saw the flower hearts in a local florists selling for £10-20 each and thought 'I cant do that!!!' - and as it turns out - I can.

I used several layers of a thin wire and florists covered wire (the green one). I shaped the thin wire into an approximate heart shape (leaving a loop of wire at the top to tie a ribbon through or something), took a bunch of lavender, a few stems of corn or a few sprigs of a flower (whatever you are using basically), held it against the heart shape and secured it into place with the florists wire. Next I took another sprig of chosen foliage, placed it over the bottom of the first sprig and wire into place - and so on all around the heart. Re-shape slightly at the end if needed.

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