Tuesday, 27 September 2016

All about the detail

I've used Instagram now for a number of years, but mainly as a quick and easy editing/ 'share with a few friends' kind of a platform, never as anything more wide reaching. Recently though, a fellow crafter (the lovely Liz at Baytree Boutique, go check out her IG feed it's lush) started posting some really stunning pictures of what she makes and has started getting some great feedback and sales even. 

It's such a simple platform to use that I thought I may as well have a go for Thisel & Bean so I created my own published IG feed. So far it has been a fantastic experience, not just for the comments that people have posted or the sales (and yes I have noticed a pick up in that), but for the fact that I have started finding joy in the little details again!

When I started blogging it wasn't about selling, it was about the enjoyment of making and the thrill of finding something pretty/unexpected that I would be inspired by, be it a vintage leather button (a post about which I even found on Pinterest today and gets huge amounts of traffic!?!) or a beautiful fabric or a great color combination. Don't get me wrong, I am really happy that I have been able to share what I make and make a small amount of pocket money for myself, but the simple joy I used to get from buttons, bows and colours has gone a little in recent years. 

Enter Instagram...which from where I am sitting is all about the picture. Now I don't churn out enough crowns to be posting a new crown daily, but what I do have a ton of is all of those little bits that make the crowns special. So that's what I have been focusing on and sharing. And it has brought me a whole new level of happiness and excitement!


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    Agustín, hijo de la Tierra.

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