Monday, 14 December 2015


This week has been all about dinosaurs (well in crafting land anyway)! This week in 'real life' has been jobs, stress about jobs, lots of work, cleaning, Christmas decorating, more thinking about jobs, woodland walks, more cleaning and more Christmas decorating. Its been nice in places but mainly just bit exhausting, so I've been very pleased to spend time in my crafting corner later at night working away on my final few pre-Christmas makes...and that has been all about dinosaurs.

This custom made crown is on its way to its owner today and several sets of dino bunting will be making their way this week too. :-)

I have to admit I find it really gratifying when I have a design that people really like (to a point anyway). The dinosaur crown gets a good few likes on Thisel & Bean' etsy store and after selling a set of the dinosaur bunting recently, I had a run of other people wanting it too which has been awesome! Hilariously (well actually not hilarious at all) someone liked the design that much that they copied a photo of the bunting and posted on their Facebook page as their own work! Grrrrr! They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but I cant say I'd ever imagined someone actually trying to copy my work! Anyway, that has managed to take the shine off the dinosaurs for me a bit. It also means that I am having to think a bit more about how I present my photos online. I have a watermark that if I remember to I'm going to try to use. It annoys me a bit to be honest as it makes me feel a bit suspicious about peoples intentions when I know that a lot of the online crafting community is lovely and friendly and wanting to help each other out rather than anything else.

Speaking of lovely communities I'm linking for the first time in a very long time with Handmade Monday held on Lucy Blossom Crafts


  1. So much to do and so little time, am sure the days are getting shorter (in hours that is). Love the crown and bunting

  2. I've never thought of making dinosaur bunting! I love bunting but in a house full of boys it difficult to get away with much girly stuff.

  3. It's hard to get everything done in December isn't it? Every year I think I will be more organised and start earlier!
    I love the dinosaur crown, it is such a shame when people take your designs, I think with on line stuff nowadays it's almost impossible to protect everything, it gets pinned and then woosh, it's out of your control. I guess it's probably always been like that, see something in the shops, go home and make it yourself, but the internet just makes it so much easier for people. I fear there is not a huge amount you can do - pick your battles and try not to loose heart. (and believe in a little Karma too, that helps!)

    1. I think I believe in a little karma too ;-)

  4. The crown is beautiful, it must be really hard to have someone claim your work is their own, sadly the etsy forum often has this complaint made - but quality will always shine through.

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