Wednesday, 5 March 2014

No tantrums, just tiaras

I was going through my crafty supplies the other day with a view to having a bit of a clear out. To my surprise I came across a few bits of sparkle tucked in away in one of the boxes that I had totally forgotten about. My first inclination was to put them straight into the 'freecycle' bag (I'm not much of a bling girl) but I got distracted by something else just in time. When I came back them a bit later, they'd been deposited next to a few other odds and ends which prompted a light bulb moment. Half an hour or so later, I had created my first felt tiaras (with sparkle)!

Ta dah!

I have to admit I tried using a bit of bling when I first started making my crowns last year. I thought it would almost be an essential part of the decoration, but I got into a huge mess with it. They just didnt feel like 'me' and I love the simplicity of just the felt and ribbon that I use. So the sparkles got shelved...unitl now. For these little tiaras I think a bit of sparkle works perfectly!

pic. my little helper very begrudgingly modelling the first Tiara!

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  1. These are so sweet, this is the reason why I'm such a hoarder, you never know when something will become useful. Bling looks good and I'd say essential on a tiara.

    Jan x

  2. Aww aren't they adorable! I love the pic of your little helper :) x

  3. I also think that your little helper models the tiara beautifully. Can picture a birthday party with the friends turned into tiara wearing princesses. Very cute :)

  4. They are really cute - every girl needs a tiara and it uses up crafty bits and bobs too, who could ask for more?

  5. Thanks peops. I have to take photos quick as nothing stays on him long!

  6. oh, such cute tiaras you made!


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