Monday, 24 February 2014

Woodland creatures cont...

I was obviously in a grump having a bit of a 'moment' a couple of weeks ago when I posted about the woodland puppets and and the woodland crowns. Since then the crowns that I refused to show(!) have quite grown on me. Now that the sun is shining again and I have some perspective I actually quite like them.

More then that, the process of disliking them and rethinking them, forced me to work out how I'd use the chevron ribbon differently if I didnt make the woodland crowns. I decided to do a range of very simple birthday crowns using it.

I REALLY like the POP of colour you get from the ribbon and think if people were looking for something simple but cheerful, this would suit the bill perfectly! I'm going to get some felt in the same colour as the ribbon I think for the number/initial as I think that will a. keep it simple and b. look best!

Further on from that I have fallen for the puppets again; most likely aided by Owen who whenever he sees them exclaims 'Mr Fox!' with glee and insists I put them on him!

Audrey made a comment about how the russet fox looked a little more 'beary' and that sat with me for a while until I realised that actually yes they do - he really reminds me of a red panda. I might have to tinker with him a little. I think the original Mr Fox will stay though...if I can find a better red. And so the work on the woodland creatures continues!

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  1. The crowns look really nice. I sometimes find that something I don't like at first suddenly grows on me too. Have a good week.


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