Friday, 7 February 2014

Someone else's creativity

I love it when people do giveaways and tutorials. I've toyed with doing a giveaway myself but am never entirely convinced that there are many more people than myself, my sister (hi Clare) and husband (hi Mr T) that make up my blogger stats (outside of the lovely link up party peops), so it would be a rather nepotistic exercise! lol! Saying that, I was the lucky winner of a giveaway a year or two ago and it feels lovely to receive a little gift in the post for no reason in particular, so I really will consider it! Maybe something from my Chinese stash...

Anyway, coming to the main point of this ramble... I am writing to say 'look what I got given (well took with permission) this week!': these lovely little linky buttons in an array of gorgeous sweet shop colours from Anyonita Nibbles blog. Isn't she clever!

I've had a quick lunchtime tinker with them to get them up and working, but I've had to use separate gadgets for each one to get them to display properly. Frustratingly I cant get the icons/links to do anything other than sit in very dull vertical line! Humphh!!!

I would love to put more links in and made better use of Anytonita's work, but I fear that the links would end up extending the whole way down the blog and that would bug me no end. It already does a little with just three up there...but they are so pretty that they are staying at least for now!

Does anyone (if people apart from Clare [not saying that you wouldn't know Clare, but I'm thinking chances are slim!] does read) have any idea of how to get around this?


  1. I might know a little something about it...

  2. Mwah! I knew I'd married the right bloke!

  3. I love that I get a mention! I'm ICT coordinator you know so I shd probably know... But I don't :-D And I do love reading your blog.
    I check it every few days :-)


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