Friday, 24 January 2014

How exciting!

Look what I came home from work to find waiting for me last night!!! Oh SO exciting! 

For those not in the know its a Sizzix Big Shot Die Cutter. These machines cut paper, felt, material and many other mediums into your desired shapes in a matter of seconds. Its going to massively save me time when cutting out shapes (I have been hand cutting A LOT), save money (making shapes myself as opposed to buying from others) and it opens up numerous possibilities for new things to make. *sighs with happiness*

This morning in the sneaky 45 minutes I have between Mr T. and the boy leaving for work/the childminders (respectively, lol!) I had it whipped out of the box and tried it out for size. I am extra specially pleased to report that its AWESOME! Not only does it cut as easily as I would hope, but it cuts my felt (a 40% wool blend) like a dream - several layers even.

This is all I had time to churn out but it all looks so cute!

Even what's left over at the end is attractive!

The challenge now is going to be NOT buying up loads of new dies! Hmmmm!

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