Friday, 29 November 2013

Colds and WIP


This is what this week has mostly been about in this house. Heavy colds and cold remedies. Owen seems to come home with a new one each week, then naturally i get them too. I've had 3 really heavy ones already this autumn. 

Anyway in between gargling with various herbal concoctions I have miraculously managed to get some crafting done. Christmas stockings, Christmas crowns, a Christmas head band and totally unrelated but no less essential, a cover for my new phone!

I did also manage a sneaky get away with Mr T as a belated anniversary. Twas superb!

I hope to catch up on what others have been doing this week if i can. Sorry if you've left a comment and i rudely haven't replied yet!


  1. Love your crowns! The phone cover is lovely as well.
    Thanks for stopping by the blog.
    Have a wonderful week.

  2. These all look so cosy, very sweet! Hpe you feel better asap!

    1. They are quite lovely to hold onto. Love felt! Feeling much better now. Thanks. X

  3. Oh, I've been umming and ahhing over ordering some lovely felt this week - I should just do it!! That is a cute christmas headband. Lovely to have you pop by my blog this week! Melania x


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