Tuesday, 27 August 2013


So I 'ummmed' and 'ahhhed', and then 'ummmed' and 'ahhhed' some more, and then after a nudge from my very wise sister, I decided to leap in with both feet and make myself a Facebook page for Thisel & Bean.

It seemed like quite a big deal when I was considering doing it as there's a real tension for me with this kind of thing. Whilst i want to get Thisel & Bean out there, crafting is quite a personal thing for me (as is blogging) so I wasn't sure I wanted everyone I know to know what I did!

Anyway, i decided to face the fear and outted my crafty self yesterday. I've had a reasonable few likes since which has been really nice. So onwards and upwards! :-)

If you are interested in following me on Facebook you can find me at Facebook/thiselandbean

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