Friday, 30 August 2013

A Sneaky Peak

I've been working on a little something for a special little someone. He has recently become really keen on both pirates and dressing up - what a happy combination!

So, I look a bit of inspiration from here (one of his favourite books at the moment)...

 ...and this is where I'm up to so far...

Its another felt creation (natch!). I'm looking forward to finishing at the weekend hopefully.

Also sitting on my desk is this nice little pile of bunting waiting for me to finish off and gift to a couple of new arrivals. I'm already running VERY late with these so I need to pull my finger out on this!

It would seem that my to do list is growing faster than my schedule (or little one) will allow. Sigh!

Joining in with Made by Hand


  1. Cute cute cute!

    Oh yes, I have a continual to-do list that grows, shrinks and grows again. I am forever writing lists and making notes in my diary. Still, better than having nothing to do! :)

    1. Thanks Christina. Yes you are right. If I didnt have the lists I'd be bored and making stuff for myself to do!


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