Friday, 26 July 2013

What would your super power be?

If I had a super power, apart from being able to fly, walk through walls and turn pebbles into skittles, I'd want to be able to stop time just for a few minutes here and there to do those bits and pieces that I never seem to have time to do anymore!

Blogging would be one of those things (natch!).

I do so love sitting down to update my blog, mug of coffee in hand, taking time to see what others have been up to, but its always the thing that gets axed when time is tight. At the moment it feels like I have sooooo much exciting craft stuff going on and never enough time to keep a note for myself let alone tell anyone about it!

So, if I do wake up tomorrow dressed in spandex pants, an eye mask and a spangly cape, not only will I wonder what the hell happened during the night, but I'll also have my fingers crossed that i get the super power of my choice!

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