Sunday, 21 April 2013

Spring days and free time = a new bag

Am doing this post using the blogger app so fingers crossed it doesn't go horribly wrong!
I made myself a bit of a promise the other day... to make time for crafting.
Lets face it, life with a boisterous one year old is never going afford me much time to do much of anything for myself unless I make a point of carving it out. So when i had the house all to myself for a bit this afternoon, instead of cleaning and sleeping or one of the exciting things i would normally do, I pulled out my machine and got on with something a bit more creative...
...I made myself a new bag.
Its all linen and uses a triangle folding pattern. I used an additional piece of black linen sewn over the top as a handle. Totally inspired by Between the Lines (love that blog!)
I love it! Its the perfect size. Am going to experiment  with a few different colours to create myself the perfect 'go to' summer bag, although I have a feeling that I may just keeping coming back to this one. :-)


  1. Love your bag - and the funky label! Excellent use of non-baby time!! Xx

    1. Thanks Emma. Baby's napping as I type and I've decided to craft AGAIN! The house is going to look like a bombs hit it by the end of the week. :-)

  2. That is so lovely...I am sure you will use it so much. xx


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