Thursday, 17 May 2012

Babies on the brain

When crafting, I tend to make stuff that will either be pretty/cute or practical/useful. So... whereas in the past  I have made things like bags, coffee cup holders, camera cases, badges and bunting, I now find myself orientated to making things for babies (natch!).

Up til now, I've been doing rather dull things like making sheets, lining nursery curtains and covering the moses basket etc, but this week I came across the cutest dinosaur fabric which I knew would end up being put to good use...and it was!

Firstly it got made into a little dribble neckerchief type bib, modelled beautifully by little Owen!
It has a terry towelling backing and a simple elastic hook and button at the back.
Next it got made into a little draw string bag (to house a spare set of clothes for the inevitable 'out and about' nappy accident!).
A super cute addition to Owen's nappy bag, even if I do say so myself!

To see what some other crafty peops have been up to this week, head on over to Our Creative Spaces new home on Kidspot.

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