Wednesday, 11 April 2012

My (swiftly changing and much more disrupted) Creative Space

So my creative space has been turned upside down in the past few months for two very big reasons...

Firstly, we moved house!

We not only bought our first ever property, but we also moved out of London!!! Only half an hour out of London mind, but its like a different planet. On the plus side, we have a whole house to ourselves (plus garden) and are surrounded by countryside. On the downside, dining options and access to the materials I was used to getting my hands on in London have become incredibly limited.

Its all worth it though, mainly due to reason two for my lack of crafting

... this little chap!
 Little Owen joined us in February and has totally taken over life as we once knew it. He’s gorgeous and I love being a mum although hilariously, I thought I would have hours of free time on my hands to make stuff during my maternity leave, but things havn't really panned out that way - shocking eh!

So as I said, my creative space is more chaotic than normal but I am still managing to get a few things done.

The priority this week is finishing these some flowers/ bridesmaid hair decorations for my little sister who is getting married on Saturday!

She wanted something not too big, not too small to attach to hair combs. She also wanted a slightly frayed look to them (which they will get as soon as worn) to mirror a detail on the bridesmaids dresses. They have been re-purposed out of offcuts from her wedding dress. They will look something like this (cue dodgy self portrait)...

She seems really happy with them which is always pleasing! I’ll post a piccy of them in action next week.

Whilst I'm unlikely to be blogging with any regularlity for a while, I am still going to try to keep things updated when I can. However I do hope to be catching up on other peoples blogs in the next few weeks as I have plenty of time during the middle of the night feeds, when my phone and the internet are my only company, so I'm looking forward to that.

For more crafty and creative projects pop on over to Our Creative Spaces. Its always well worth a visit!


  1. Hurray! Hurray!

    Welcome back :)

  2. Beautiful flowers for your sister's wedding! Hope you enjoy your new house in the country. I think we all imagine we'll have time whilst pregnant and once we have kids!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

    1. Thanks Jill. We are not quite 'in' the country but a darn site closer than we were in London so am loving it!

  3. How clever are you to juggle a brand new bub, new home AND still create something lovely for your sister's wedding - standing and cheering!

    Happy day!

  4. beautiful!!

    and congrats on your wee son

  5. What a pretty hair flower you've made for your sister - she is a very lucky lady! And all the best as you settle into life with your new addition. :)

  6. What a cute flower for the bridesmaids, I'm sure they'll all look stunning with it.

  7. The flowers you made are perfect! Congratulations.

  8. Congratulations on Owen's general disruption to your creative space! That's what bubba's are for. I hope you're enjoying him immensely.

    Enjoy your new home. Already you are making many happy memories there. x

    1. Ah Thank you. Yes I am enjoying him LOTS! Many memories and a million more photos already!

  9. Thanks for your comments. I will get round to posting a couple of pics from the wedding soon I hope! x


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