Sunday, 12 June 2011

Vintage Glassware

Again this is a slightly belated post as I didn’t find these this weekend, but they are well worth sharing.

I have always wanted a set of shot glasses, and had had designs on some like the ones they drink out in Raiders of the Lost Ark (Indiana Jones). I always keep a look out on my thrifting/ junk store rummage days and have always been disappointed until I saw these…

Aren’t they beautiful?! Granted they are absolutely nothing like what I originally had in mind but they are infinitely better. Not only are they so much more me than anything Indiana Jones wise, they cost all of about £6! I have to admit I hardly ever use them, not being the hugest shot drinker, but I they are super pretty to I always have them out.

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  1. Beautiful glasses. How about filling each with a flower to get more use out of them. I think a bloom in each and grouped together would make a wonderful display.

    Either that or drink more(!) LOL

    Madison xxx

  2. Lovely! I'm thinking tealights in winter perhaps?

  3. Sadly Max they are a little too small in circumference for delights. They would be perfect for that if not though! I'll definitely try the flowers Madison. I'll post a picture when I do.

  4. Sweet little glasses. Shot glasses are always so pretty (and cheap) that I often have to stop myself buying them.

  5. Ohhh I love these little shot glasses - they're utterly lovely! I like Madison's idea of using them for little blooms as they'd look really pretty!

    Jem xXx

    Really enjoying taking a peek at your blog!!

  6. These are lovely. If I had a proper home office (rather than a dining room table and a cutlery organiser) I'd use them for paper clips, thumb tacks/push pins, etc.

    Whatever you do will be gorgeous, I'm sure.

    ps. nice camera case!

  7. Ha,I was just exploring your blog (visiting from ATG) and didn't realize you were a button lover, put some lovelies in those glasses girl!


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