Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The British Summer Fete

If I were going to a summer fete, it would look a little something like this…

(images coutesy of google images )

There would be games, and bouncy castles, crafts and cream teas. Aaaahhh the elusive British summer at its best. I am hoping that the 10th July will be something maybe just a little like that (although admitedly it does look slightly more like a picnic than a fete - but whos counting), as I am doing my first ever stall at teeny tiny fete at my sisters school – tee hee! It will be good practice more than anything at getting stock ready, thinking out what I need to take, seeing what sells etc in case I want to do anything more heavy duty in the future. It should be fun though! Maybe in some down time I’ll get to have a bit of candy floss and try my hand at the coconut shy! Lots of planning to do in the meantime!


  1. Good luck and you must show us all the lovelies you are having on your stall.

    I toyed with the idea of having my first stall at my son's school fete but decided I wasn't quite ready yet. Maybe next year.

    Looking forward to lots of photos.

    Madison xxx

  2. Yay for giving it a go! Nothing ventured and all of that...good luck :-)

  3. It looks awesome -- good luck with it! Thanks for stopping by and sharing some button love!


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