Sunday, 22 May 2011

Vintage Leather Buttons

Yesterday I spent some time in my favourite thirft/ vintage markets and junk stores. Typically I went looking for one thing and came away with something entirely different! I was especially pleased with my find though...

...these gorgeous, vintage leather buttons!

Arn't they great! With that gorgeous, glossy, chesnut colour they almost look like conkers!

I've got no idea how old they are, but they have a really worn, shiny look and feel to them.  I love that fact that they genuinely look like they have served a purpose in some previous life.

They are that old school that the fixings on the back are made from leather too!

Not sure what I'll use them for yet. I'm leaning towards coupling them with some chunky knitted thing, but I'll have to see.

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  1. Ooh they are lovely! My grandad used to have buttons like those, reminds me of being little.

  2. oooh yes, knitted cardigans!!! I immediately thought of brooklyntweed when I saw them.
    I'm really curious what you'll come up with for them!
    have a great week!

  3. LOVE! They are evocative of what my nanan used to call "gardening cardigans" patched elbows, a pocket for your hanky, big, chunky and belted, heh!
    Love your blog :0)

  4. Yaga, I'm totally with you there. It has to be something knitted and chunky. Love those Brooklyn Wools btw!

    Ms C and Max They kind of remind me of my Gran too. She used to have this big chunk Aaron knit jumper thing with buttons very similar to this. Thats probably why I liked them so much.

  5. thanks for your comment on my flea market finds. i had a giggle, my friend had one of those purses with many a bead picked off too.

    I LOVE your buttons. Gosh they are gorgeous and to have found so many. Some to use and some to display maybe.

  6. What a find, aren't they gorgeous?! They remind me of roasted coffee beans.

  7. star role for the leather button.
    i love your button woods...

  8. Lovely buttons. So many possibilities.

  9. These are awesome! What do you think you'll do with them? Thanks for your comment over on my blog! ~Mary

  10. Oh, fabulous finds. I have some of these too, but I still have button envy. :)

    I remember my Grandfather having a knitted cardigan with these lovely buttons.


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