Thursday, 26 May 2011

Not raining but POURING!!!

I dont know if there are any other London dwellers about in blogland today who may also have experienced this, but today i got soaked! I'm not exaggerating when I say that I was literally soaked to the skin - dripping in fact! I've not seen rain like that since living in the tropics.

Here was the picture that greeted me from our flat when I finally got home. Would you believe this is completely unedited. It literally was that dark and threatening out there.

In other news my poor sewing machine is being held hostage! Booooo!!! I was soooo looking forward to having it back!

I went over to pick it up this afternoon with wheelie bag in tow (the argument against having a car in London "because you can just get public transport everywhere and its just so convenient" doesn’t ring quite true on occasions like this) only to find the shop locked up and no-one home.

I was fuming! Not only had I left work 2 1/2 hours early under disapproving looks from my boss to get there, and travelled 45 minutes on the number 8 bus (‘fun’ at even the best of times), but I had also rung ahead yesterday and today to double check they’d be there and open - and then they wern't!!!!!!! The cheek!

THEN it poured!

...and poured....

...and poured some more....

I obviously have some bad Karma hanging over me today or something. Maybe its the assignment spirit sent to tell me that I shouldnt be lusting after my sewing machine or spending time in blogland but should be focussing on my assignment due in tomorrow.

Before I go appease the pesky assignment spirit, I'll say a quick thank you to all the lovely people for the fab feedback and comments yesterday. The orange dress is obviously a hit. Looks like I'll have to make cutting it up count!


  1. If it's any consolation it has been terrible up in Scotland too! Hope you get your machine back safe and sound!

  2. I got soaked too here in the Midlands. I felt a bit sorry for the woman who was just out in a white vest top as it became very see-through. Eeek!

    Hope you get your machine back asap, so annoying when people don't do as they say they are going to.

  3. How rude!!! The cheek of them...dont they realise how important a sewing machine is to us!!!

  4. Am feeling that rain pain! I got properly soaked to the skin TWICE during the day and then steamed gently at work..ick. Sorry to hear about the lack of machine, deep breaths, and hopefully you'll have it soon.


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