Wednesday, 18 May 2011

My Creative Space - Snippety Snip Snip

So I’ve done it, I’ve made the cut!

No, not my coffee habit or the hair, the nursery rhyme book!

If you read the nursery rhyme post you’ll know that I was so taken with it when I first got it that I was considering keeping it as it was, and not using for the express intention I had bought it in the first place (to paper craft with like i did here)! I was clearly in danger of adding to the stockpile of books and other ‘nice' things that currently clutter decorate our flat.

So to aid my decsision and knock me off my perch on the fence, I ran through a quick mental checklist:

  • Do I have children...?   No
  • Do I ever have children visiting who would enjoy the rhymes...?    Very infrequently... so no
  • Will I ever read the nursery rhymes to myself... ?   Errr, no
  • Will I ever read the nursery rhymes to my husband...??? Definitely no
  • Do I like crafting ...??? Silly question - next!
  • Do I want to experiment more...? Why yes, yes I do

So the answer was clear and danger averted - I chopped up the book!

I have to say the first snip was incredibly painful! It went against almost every fibre of my being and felt soooo wrong (to put this in context, my parents house is almost a library, I have a literature degree and if asked what I'd grab first in a fire, there are definately a good few books that would rate high on the list!). But after a while of just getting on with it, it actually felt quite liberating and I’d created enough nursery rhyme strips to start sticking.

Heres the results...

(Sweetheart Mobiles. Note to self, put window cleaner on the house 'to do' list asap!)

 (Mini Flag Bunting)

(Whirly Twirly Whirly Mobile - or nursery mobile as I'm calling it)

They spin in a really pretty way in just the lightest of breezes. I have packaged a few of them up as a little gift box for an expecting friend. I hope she likes them.

I cant wait to see what other things I can find to chop up now!

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  1. Oh I'm totally with you on the cutting books up phobia! But the result is very pretty - and at least you're USING the book - surely that's better than it sitting on a shelf never being opened or read??

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. Wow, they are great. I love it all but I especially love the the Whirly Twirly Whirly Mobile :-P

  3. Ok if I ever get the pleasure of having you over for a cuppa …… I’m hiding the scissors! Hahahaha
    Love the little hearts and mini bunting, very clever!

  4. Yes, it would feel wrong and weird to cut up a book (at first) but you did it justice, and your creations look amazing!

  5. REALLY loving the hearts! Beautiful! Dale likes them too yey xx

  6. OOH they look lovely in the vintage paper. Very cute.

  7. I can understand your feelings on cutting into books, but what a result!

  8. I really love them all especially the hearts. I'm sure your friend will love them too. :)

  9. I am with you on the cutting up - I have a pile here that I bought to cut up and punch things out of and have not been able to do it yet:)

  10. I can totally relate - even if it's a book I bought specifically to cut up, and even if the book has damage to it I still find it hard to make the first cut. But as you have also found out it results in some beautiful creations:)

  11. I feel your pain, must've been so hard chopping up a beautiful book. Love the results though :-)

  12. I agree it feels... dirty! But look at the magnificent things you are creating with those pages. Worth every chop if you ask me. That book is very happy being a part of your work, yes siree!


  13. It does seem wrong to cut up a book but it still exists - just in another form. I am sure your friend will love and value your gift!

  14. Ha - yes I'd best not tell too many people about the cutting up of books Sarah. They'll never lend to me again!

    Thank you all for your comments. The 'pain' has definately lessoned and I'm feeling quite excited about the next snip!

  15. A big Ooooo and a huge Aaaaaaah. Just lovely.

  16. Woohoo! Nicely done. What clever work you do. Love it.

  17. So beautiful, and such a thoughtful gift! Decidedly worth the "pain"!

  18. Ha - I have bought a book for the same purpose but yet to cut it up - I get the cutting the book phobia - well done and love what you have done - better get mine out and start cutting too!

  19. They look fabulous - better than being stuck on the shelf! Happy Birthday for last week :-)

  20. No doubt it was the right choice. Beautiful result.

  21. They look sensational... just love the circular mobile... just beautiful!


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