Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Another Share

My machine has been going like the clappers (where does that expression come from?!?) since it returned home on Friday, but I haven’t had the chance to sort any photos yet, so they’ll have to wait.

So instead I have another share…look what I got in the post on Friday!

How exciting! Its my first ever Japanese pattern book! It was possibly the best wrapped ANYTHING I’ve ever had in the post. My mum bought it for me here.

Not only did the seller send a bonus pack of stickers with it, but the she also popped in the cutest handwritten note to say thank you for the purchase.


Hows that for customer service!

Its going to be a while before I get to make anything from (mainly due to the fact that I have yet to learn how to read Japanese patterns) but I’m in love with the book already.


  1. Oh I know this one! Going like the clappers refers to the clapper inside a bell. Public schools used to ring a hand bell and the faster it rang the less time remained till the beginning of class/church.

    Looks like a fab book. I like 'nice' parcels in the post.

  2. Oh lovely. I do like Japanese gift wrapping. I've found a few tutorials on how to do it online. It's the fabric wrapping that I like best. This is my favourite tutorial. http://www.env.go.jp/en/focus/attach/060403-5.html

    You can use any square of fabric and it's all reusable.

  3. That's so lovely! I can't wait to see what patterns are in there. ;o)

  4. Ms C - I learn something new every day! Who knew thats what it meant! Well you did...obviously :-)


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