Sunday, 13 March 2011

A Sneaky Post

How has your weekend been? I went for a walk this morning and could actually smell spring in the air. Gorgeous - blossom coming out everywhere!

Only a short post today as I shouldn't really be posting at all... I'm in the middle of writing the first academic assignment I've written for YEARS and it's slow going! I really shouldn't really be distracting myself but I wanted to keep this little space updated!

Anyway, time has been in short supply this week so I still only managing to do tiny craft bits here and there. I'm still playing with the appliqué at the moment, but have progressed from the weird flower type thing I was doing earlier in the week, to circles instead - much better, although you'll notive that my stictching needs a bit of work!

Happy colours arn't they?! I decided to stitch around the outside of the circles as well as inside for emphasis. It seems to add a bit of...something....

I dont know if any eagle eyes have noticed but I'm not using an emroidery/sewing frame (I didnt have time to get to the shops to get one). Instead I made do with an old picture frame that I stretched the material over and clip on with bulldog clips. Crafty eh! Hopefully I'll get the change to make something with it all next weekend!

With that lovely thought hanging in the air I'm going to sign off to enjoy whats left of Sunday. Mr T. is cooking up the mother of all chillis at the moment, so when thats ready I'll call my 'assignment' a day I think. Why keep pretending. Its just not going to happen tonight!


  1. I really love this Kt. I'm utter rubbish at hand sewing, so lots of respect for getting the stitches even! Love the double line, I agree it makes all the difference.

  2. Thanks Jo. Its the first time I've hand stitched and all I can see is the wobbles in the line at the moment so its nice to have someone elses eye on it!

  3. I love this. Which is a problem as now I'll have to add applique to the ever growing list of crafts I want to try. Actually, I think this may be a rather nice problem to have!


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