Sunday, 27 March 2011

Preparing for Easter

Anyone would think I had children with some of the projects I pick up, but no – just young at heart I guess!

This weekend I decided to get cracking on a bit of Spring/Easter decoration and managed to persuade my ever patient husband (often referred to as Mr. T, nothing to do with a love of bling – honest!) to help me blow some eggs!


Lots of fun ensued...  If you’ve never done it before, make a small hole with a pin at the top of the egg (this can be a bit tough - hence Mr T's face), a slightly larger hole at the bottom and then basically… blow! Once the egg is out, rinse the egg in warm water with vinegar, then blow again. Then leave to dry and paint and tie with ribbon!

Here's my finished prototype.

It was supposed to be pink, but have turned out a bit more red than I had planned so I might need to re-paint it. I am planning to do a few more with a bit more colour variety in the next few days. So stay tuned to see the final result!

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