Sunday, 20 March 2011

Lazy Sundays

I had big plans to post about all the stuff I’ve been up to this weekend, but you know what – I am bushed! So a short but pretty post for a lazy Sunday evening…

On Saturday I ended up in China Town buying orchids. I wouldn’t normally buy any (they are not my favourite flower/plant), but I had to make up the balance to be able to use my card and they were the nearest things to hand. But how glad was I that I got them – they are gorgeous!

They have brightened up the whole house - quite literally!

Here they are on the mantle piece…

( I love those old fashioned cola bottles)

…and in the bathroom…

(note the slight sad looking recovering orchid sitting along the shelf from its pretty neighbour. Hopefully it will be inspired - I've been waiting for it to re-bloom for about a year!)

…and in the bedroom…

(I love that small Chinese calligraphy. It was for me by my shu fa (calligraphy) teacher before I left China for home. More on Chinese inspired bits and pieces in the week)

Aaaaaah – So pretty! Perfect for a lazy Sunday. :-)

p.s. Had I have been on the ball I would have joined in with Kirsty's 'Snoop' with something like this a few weeks ago - I always find that kind of thing interesting. In a way this can act as a late entry...

There are quite a few random bits and pieces lying around our house, like the fabric tape on the mantle piece that I made this weekend and my buddha picture from thailand that really needs to be put in a proper frame! I always forget they are there - but see that flash of red up at the top of picture two  - that is my chinese Tai Ji (Tai Chi in the west) fans. I learnt a bit when I lived there. Mostly I associate the fans with what was my favourite time of day - dusk. I'd go out running on the college track, the bats would be flying overhead and the chinese grandmothers would be doing Tai Ji Fan in the centre. As I ran past them I'd periodically here the clack of the fans opening and closing in the dark. I've just had a quick shufty and theres a good utube video of Tai Ji Fan here if you are interested. Its great for calming/ centring yourself. Plus its a martial art that is kick ass and uses fans - whats not to love!

Anyway I digress... bedtime I think!


  1. Hey Kt! Your place looks great. I had a little visit with uncle Google, and came across this site - which might be helpful to encourage your potted orchid. :) Hope so anyway!

    Have a great day!
    S x

  2. Thank you! We like it! Did you add a link? It hasn't linked. Eeek! Would love to take a look though! :-)


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