Tuesday, 8 February 2011

This week its all about the buttons

I've got a bit of a button thing going on this week. Not only have I been making more hearts, but I've been exploring my botton collection. I try to keep my buttons in some semblance of order, roughly organized by colour, although that’s more because it looks prettier that way than anything else. 

I’m not so sure what it is about buttons that fascinates me. I used to spend hours at my Gran’s house when I was little sorting through her button tin. There were so many gorgeous buttons in there – so much nicer than the plastic types you seem to get a lot of now.  I inherited the tin when she passed away. Its one of those really old black and white battered tins with a picture of the old royal family on it. I packed it away a few years ago to keep it safe. I really should dig it out of my parents attic…

Anyway I here are some of my favourite buttons at the moment:

More modern sparkly buttons

Some old school wood and metal buttons

Some of the antique buttons I found at a charity sale

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