Saturday, 29 January 2011

This week has been all about the knitting

Its turned cold again here in London and even attempted to snow again earlier in the week, so I am going to persevere with the knitted goods for a while. Probably not the most forward thinking approach to crafting. Really, I should be making spring dresses like artsy crafty babe. Whilst she has definitely inspired me with her forward planning, I wont get to the material shop for another couple of weeks and am enjoying the knit so will keep the dress making on hold for a bit.

So I’ve been working on two things:

One - Baby knitwear. One of my best friends is expecting her first baby (very exciting) so I have made my very first set of baby hat, mittens and booties. I have a while to wait to find out the sex, but when I do I plan to customize them by weaving an appropriate color ribbon through the wool.

And two - this.

I’m not sure what it is yet. I might just leave it as a scarf for a little person, or I might turn it into fingerless glove type things – I have a bit of a thing for them at the moment!


  1. The expectant friend is VERY excited about the baby knitwear!

    Some lovely photos on here at the mo too! Very inspiring x

  2. I'm pleased. Glad you like!!!


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