Friday, 21 January 2011

Cowls – of the neck not simon variety!

So its all been about the knitting this week. The wool was almost too pretty to use but so far I’ve made a cowl type affair and a shorter neck cuff.

At first I was disappointed that I could make a long scarf with the blue wool as it is the most gorgeous colour, but actually the little neck cuff I made is PERFECT for going under high neck coats/ jackets when you don’t want wool bunching up around your ears but still want a toasty neck. I had planned to do up with cute button or two, but was bought some beautiful broaches for Christmas so have decided to use them instead.

(The Cowl)

(The Neck Cuff)

On a side note I’ve discovered that’s its quite a challenge to take photos of yourself wearing products you have made!

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